Anxiety Counseling

Counseling can improve your anxiety

  • Are panic attacks preventing you from getting through your day?

  • Have you ever brought someone along to places with you because your social anxiety is so severe?

  • Do you avoid everyday tasks because it causes too much anxiety for you?

  • Are you stuck in a downward spiral of panic-driven and negative thinking that makes your anxiety worse?

Anxiety Counseling helps those who struggle with anxiety symptoms by transforming their patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting in order to improve their day to day experiences. This is the essence of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.  You can break out of the self-defeating cycles that limit your ability to enjoy your life and thrive in your communities.

How Anxiety Counseling Helps

Seeking counseling for your anxiety symptoms is a courageous act.  Working with me is about so much more than just talk. Talking about your daily worries, fears, and anxieties will provide some relief – we’ve all heard the old adage about a problem shared being a problem halved. However, a shared problem is not the same thing as a solved problem. When we work together to really solve your daily struggles with anxiety, you will be empowered to make changes. Seeking counseling for your anxiety symptoms is a courageous act

Certainly we’ll talk about problems, but let’s also talk about solutions through increased self-awareness, deeper understanding of the sources of your anxiety, and learned skills for managing difficult emotions or thoughts. Your anxiety is here to tell you something about what you need to be healthy and happy. Are you ready to listen? I can help you:

  • Rewire your reaction to and perception of events that lead to stress. From this place, you can actually transcend stress and live a more authentic and peaceful life rather than living in reaction to everything around you.
  • Overcome barriers keeping you stuck and learn to break free from behaviors that are not working for you.

  • Learn strategies to get your life back on track and find the contentment you desire!

  • Make an internal, mental shift to live from a more peaceful place.

  • Feel better, get better, stay better.

  • Develop strategies to improve your mood in a short period of time

Mindfulness techniques like deep breathing, meditation, and observing the present moment or awareness are an essential way that we can start to identify underlying causes of anxiety, relieve anxiety symptoms, and calm the internal chaos to allow the space for real change.

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