Panic Disorder

Have you ever experienced the following?:

  • Sudden intense onset of panic or overwhelming fear?
  • Racing heart? Difficulty catching your breath? Sweating or shaking? Tingling sensation? Nausea?
  • Do these symptoms appear to come out of the blue?
  • Do you live in fear that another attack will come on and cause embarrassment?
  • Do you strategically plan an exit strategy at school or during meetings in case you need to escape quickly?
Panic Disorder

Understanding Panic Disorder

People with Panic disorder have frequent and unexpected attacks that are described as a sudden wave of fear and panic that overwhelms them. They often have physical symptoms listed above including a wave of heat coming over them. Many fear they are having a heart attack and end up in the emergency room. While it is more common to experience an occasional panic attack, not everyone will develop panic disorder.

Panic attacks can occur because our bodies experience a false alarm in which our brains signal our fight-or-flight instincts to kick in. The brain has a “misfire” so to speak in the absence of a real or perceived threat. A holistic approach to treatment means examining the brain’s impact on the body and our mind’s reaction to it. If you haven’t thought of your brain and mind as two distinct entities, I can show you how they work together but are separate.

Panic Disorder

Whether you have just started to experience panic attacks or have suffered from full-blown panic disorder for years, why wait to get better? You are not alone. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the most empirically researched form of treatment for panic disorders because it teaches you how to think differently about the symptoms you are experiencing. In addition, it provides you with tools to react differently to the physical symptoms of a panic attack so that you do not make it worse but shorten its duration to the point where you do not experience them at all.

We work on the present issues and provide practical tools you can use once the session is over so that you can practice your skills throughout the week. These new strategies are geared toward your strengths so they are easily implemented one step at a time.

You are only a phone call away from receiving the support you need to get over this hump and start living a full, robust, and confident life.

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