Faith-Based Counseling

Navigating Forward, Healing at Your Own Pace: Resolving Past Wounds

  • Have you tried a faith-based counseling through a pastor or a counselor in the past only to feel like you were not a “good enough” Christian?
  • Have you been made to feel like your anxiety or depression were the result of demons or having a weak faith? or not having the joy of the Lord?
  • Has church legalism shamed you for struggling with mental health issues? Or villified psychology?
  • Counseling from a Christian perspective will integrate biblical truths to address the psychological issues that cause debilitating mental health symptoms.

Renewing Spirits, Restoring Hope: Faith-Based Counseling Tailored to Your Journey

One of the most heartbreaking things I hear from Christians seeking help for their brokenness is the shame and guilt they experience after going to a church, pastor, or fellow believer who dismisses their psychological pain and questions their faith. Invalidating the existence of mental health challenges only seeks to drive people further into isolation and unnecessary suffering. There is no condemnation in Christ. Neither is there condemnation in the therapeutic relationship.

Counseling that integrates gospel-based principles can help address moral or ethical dilemmas so that the outcomes align with your values. You can expect to be treated with respect and sensitivity for where you are at in your Christian walk. I maintain ethical boundaries so as not to impose my personal beliefs onto the clients I work with.

Christian Counseling

Our churches and belief systems are often a beneficial source of structure, community, and stability that can improve our experiences. I partner with you to understand and utilize the rich resources that spirituality has to offer throughout the therapy process.

I incorporate Faith-Based counseling into my practice (for those who prefer that approach) with the idea of helping you create a healthy mental, physical, and spiritual self in mind. If you are a Christian looking for a counselor who shares your belief system, I incorporate biblical-based therapy solutions into our sessions.

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