Are you exhausted by your endless stream of thoughts?

Has anxiety and stress become a way of life?

Is your anxiety so severe that you can’t get to class, work or the store?

Feeling angry, irritable, empty, sad, or withdrawn?

Are you tired of quick fixes?

  • Learn strategies to manage stress, improve your mood, and cope with everyday life.

  • Clear out the mental clutter to improve focus and clarity so you can thrive

Are you ready for real life transformation? I’m talking about real results that you can implement after a session is over. Get out of the self-defeating loop of repeating the same old behaviors over and over. Many of us know what we are doing that is causing distress; however, just talking about it is not going to get you the results you dream about.

Let me show you the transition from talking about problems to talking about solutions all the while having a deep understanding of where your symptoms and behaviors are coming from. Your actions were your best attempt at coping with the stress and problems. It just wasn’t working for you. Your feelings are showing up to tell you something. Instead of suppressing them, let’s explore them, release them, and move on to real, lasting change.

Counseling can help you:

I like to think my superpower is breaking down change into small, manageable, practical steps that you can implement as soon as the session ends. Like a hot knife through butter we can cut through the confusion and mental chatter to reach clarity about what you want and how to get there.

7ulsIf you are looking for someone to listen to you process the events of your week, I am not your gal.  I would caution you to consider the real benefit to you, other than a temporary emotional release. Save you money and just talk to your pet! They are great nonjudgmental listeners! If you are done talking about problems and what is not working for you, let’s dive in, roll up our sleeves and get to work. There is a process that I can guide you through in order to help you get to heart of your issue and where you are stuck.

Rewire you reaction to and perception of events that lead to stress-from this place you can actually transcend stress and live a more authentic and peaceful life rather than in reaction to everything.

Overcome barriers keeping you stuck and learn to break free from behaviors that are not working for you!

  • Have you read plenty of self help books not finding the results you were looking for?

  • Maybe you have tried therapy before with only temporary improvement.

  • Wondering what a mind-body connection really means and how to integrate it all?

  • Not sure where to turn?

Let me show you strategies to get your life back on track and find the happiness you deserve!


Counseling Can Help You…

  • Make an internal shift in your mind to live from a more peaceful place

  • Feel better, get better, stay better

  • Learn strategies to improve your mood in a short period of time




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