I wish I could give a nice round number. I understand people would like to know the time and cost investment up front. The truth is that the more you put into your counseling the more you will get out of it and notice improvement. It is very much the same concept as going to the gym. If you go irregularly or put in lackluster effort you will not see any improvement at all despite going to the gym faithfully. My job is to help you stay on track, and provide the specific self-help assignments that I believe will be the most effective for you. Your job is to be engaged and prepared in session so we can review those assignments. Most clients I work with who do this begin to see an improvement in their symptoms and make progress toward their goals within the first 3 sessions.

This practice does not participate in any insurance plans. However, if you still would like to use your benefits I can provide you with a bill to submit to your insurance company in order for you to receive a partial reimbursement. This bill will have all the codes that your insurance company requires to process your claim.

It is important to first find out if you have out of network mental health benefits. Your insurance carrier will let you know they’re reimbursement percentage. Oftentimes clients who choose this route receive up to 50% to 80% reimbursement rate so in the end it’s like paying a copay for them.

Initial assessments are $175 for 60 minutes.

Ongoing sessions are $150 for 50 minutes.

Online counseling solutions provides online counseling and office based sessions with evening and daytime appointments available.

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