ADHD Therapy

ADHD Symptoms

  • Do you suspect you or your teen may have ADHD but are confused by all the conflicting information on the internet and even from health professionals?
  • Are you not even sure that you buy the fact that ADHD is real? Doesn’t everyone have a little bit of ADHD anyway?
  • Has your teen already received a diagnosis of ADHD and you are looking for for ways to support your child that the schools are not providing?
  • Are you overwhelmed by your child’s impulsiveness, explosive emotions, and difficulty following instructions? Has your family life been turned upside down?
  • Do you suspect you might have ADHD now that your child has been diagnosed? Adult ADHD looks a lot different in children than adults.
ADHD Therapy

Understanding ADHD

With so many misconceptions and misinformation surrounding ADHD, only accurate information will be presented here from and the DSM-V.

ADHD is NOT a mental health condition. It is a neurodevelopmental condition. This means it has a neurobiological cause in the brain itself. One does not outgrow it, it doesn’t go away, and children with ADHD grow up to be adults with ADHD.

Treating ADHD properly requires a multi-pronged approach. Medication is not a magic bullet and neither is behavioral therapy. For children, the recommended treatment is medication along with parent training. After all, the parent spends the majority of time with the child, and most problems that occur at home can be addressed immediately which is the most effective method to correct ADHD behaviors. For adults, the recommended treatment is behavioral modification and medication management. For those who do not want medication, there are still numerous behaviors we can implement to set up for success those with ADHD.

Schools and teachers are often ill-equipped to implement 504 plans and behavioral interventions as they have other classroom management issues to contend with in addition to direct instruction. Once you are aware of the behavior problems that occurred at school it is often hours after it happened. The best learning occurs when behavior is corrected immediately.

I am a certified ADHD therapist who can offer tools and other resources to best help adults and adolescents take ownership of their diagnosis without using it as an excuse for poor behavior. Learn how to empower your child so they can learn to manage their symptoms while setting them up for success in life.

*In instances where I believe medication may be needed as a supplement to our work together, I know several Christian and secular psychiatrists or APNs whom I can refer you to for medication management.

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