Christian Counseling

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  • Have you tried Christian Counseling in the past only to feel like you were not a “good enough” Christian?

  • Do you feel like your anxiety or depression were the result of not having a strong enough faith? or not having the joy of the Lord?

  • Has church legalism shamed you for struggling with mental health issues?

  • Counseling from a Christian perspective will integrate biblical truths to address the psychological issues that cause debilitating mental health symptoms. 

I incorporate Christian counseling into my practice (for those that prefer that that approach) with the idea of helping you create a healthy mental, physical, and spiritual self in mind. If you are a Christian looking for a counselor who shares your belief system, I would be happy to incorporate biblical-based therapy solutions into our sessions. 

Our churches and belief systems are often a beneficial source of structure, community, and stability that can improve our experiences. I partner with you to understand and utilize the rich resources that spirituality has to offer throughout the therapy process.

Those of different faith backgrounds are always welcomed to work with me. We explore how your faith influences who you are in a supportive, non-judgmental environment. Additionally, we may talk about things like meditation to increase mindfulness. Nutrition, exercise, sleep, and other choices  impact our bodies and play a role in spiritual and emotional health.

Through a mindfulness cognitive-behavioral approach Hilary partners with her clients to reveal beliefs that drive thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Moreover, while awareness and insight are critical to change, Hilary recognizes it is not sufficient to create the lasting, transformative shifts her clients seek.

Furthermore, Hilary taps into client’s strengths and to develop individualized strategies and solutions they can implement once the session ends. She believes that the power of God and the therapeutic relationship, are the conduit through which meaningful change can occur. 

In addition, to in-office sessions, Hilary also offers online counseling to New Jersey and Florida residents using a HIPAA compliant platform which can be conducted in the comfort and privacy of their home or office.

Call or Text Message Hilary at: (954) 610 3861